• Brooke Jeffs

Nice To Meet You! I'm Brooke.

Updated: May 17, 2018

Mom life keeps us busy, and forces us to prioritize our lives. Family always comes first, which makes it hard for us to buy out time for ourselves. I remember those days when my girls were infants and finding time to have a shower alone was something worth celebrating! Now many ask, "How can I find time to exercise and get fit when there seems to be zero moments to spare"? What happens next? Health and fitness fall on the back burner and we make excuses for our inactivity."I can't go for a walk, i'm just too tired". "I can't join a gym, it takes to much time to drive there, put my kids in childminding, change in the locker room, workout for 60 minutes, shower, sign the kids out of childminding, load them back into their car seats, and drive home". Yikes! That does sound terrible! That sounds like it would kill half your day to workout for just an hour. Thoughts like these creep into our heads about fitness and we end up deciding its easier to just stay home with the kids and daydream about what it would be like to lose the baby weight or wear a bikini again, rather than take action. Taking action is key! It will take accountability, determination and will power to make healthier decisions in your life. Are you ready? Are you ready to commit to find time for yourself and exercise? You can do it! But you will want the best support team behind you. I'm you're girl!! I can help you find a healthier, fitter, happier lifestyle. As a certified personal trainer I come to your home and design an amazing workout plan customized to your needs and fitness goals. While training you in the comfort of your home, you can plan to spend a full hour working out not wasting your time towing your kids to the gym with you. Your kids can play or nap at home while mommy gets a killer workout in. My fitness journey began 5 years ago and it has truly filled a void in my life. Exercising is a regular routine in my life and it has inspired me to change the lives of other women by helping them reach their fitness goals. Remember mamas, taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids!

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